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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kiss of Love-Poem

That Kiss of Love
Our journey in this tunnel...
Traveling through this Tunnel... an unending journey
With rises and falls... we shall never forget
This forever-lasting eternity
... Neither a utopia nor a prison cell
Swarming with butterflies in the heart and soul...
Exhilarating as that first roller coaster ride...
Almost as beautiful as a graceful run in the meadow
...Running amongst the fields of lush, verdant grasses and sparkling flowers
Brightening up with warming smiles and childish laughs...
Wishing to see that face once again
...and feel the emotions with which I learned of this tunnel
Covered in an unknown blindness... yet having no fear of the darkness
Tempted to go in deeper and remain in this beautiful night's dream
After losing the blindness... wondering how you arrived
...Why did you come at all?
Making me return...
To a place of forever mystery
Envy and greed for just that one...
Hoping for that wish to come true
...You telling me what I wish
... Shall never ever be true
...Wondering how this is true
Why this refusal?
Why should I believe you?
And receive your betrayal...
In the darkness
Unveiling me to the light
...Burning the embers in my eyes
If only you were mine...
Then I would forget this time...
And certainly let myself me blind...

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