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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rich Girls Back in Town: Prologue


As I was
 walking closer and closer to my old world, my stomach couldn't help but feel slightly agitated. Words can not express my joy. I have been missing this world for the last three years. Three years! It has been three years since I last spoke to the people that I once couldn't last seconds without. God, thank you so much. Ever since I listened to my parents and agreed to attend that fancy private school, my life has become hell, almost literally.

I just despise those private
 school kids. Most of them are the snobby children of rich folk. My friends there were pretty rich, too. They just were rejected there because their parents did not earn as much as other parents. In simple words, they were poor compared to most people there. The reason I hung out with them was because they were not smart enough to fall for appearances. I know this is stupid, but for the first few weeks of school, I act like a poor nerd who needs to be smart to help the family survive.

Trust me, if anyone saw my house, their jaws would drop so low that they would break off. When you look at me, I look like I live in the poorest side of town ever. The truth is the total opposite. I am so obsessed with my geek image that I even take the public bus. I know I may sound crazy, but I love playing with peoples' heads. It's so much fun to see how they were so wrong about something. Why do I even care?

Anyway, it has been three years since I last saw anyone from
 Mountain Creek, my home town. I may live here and be out a lot, but our town is weird like that. People don't talk to you unless they know you from someplace. So, like I have been trying to tell the world [Well... you], I am going to start my first day at Mountain Creek High School! I am so excited! Trust me; I have wanted to come back here since freshman year. Actually, that is a lie. I have been dying to come back since I went to the private school in the eighth grade. I wonder why I even said yes to my parents to go there in the first place. It must have been my love for adventure or something along those lines. 

I kept
 walking closer to my destination, Mountain Creek High School. When it was close enough to admire, I just kept looking at the school and admiring its beauty. There were students walking on the lawn and sitting on it as well. They all looked so free, happy, and joyous. I remember the days when I went to Mountain Creek Middle School with my best friend, Andrea. The middle school had a similar design, but it was much smaller in size because it did not need to fit as many students as this high school. Still admiring the new PUBLIC school I was now a student of, I walked closer and closer to its large doors. I reached onto the handles of the doors and opened them. I stepped in and smiled while looking at the hallways. I was finally free, and hopefully I will be accepted in my new life as well.

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