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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pool of Love-Poem

Whether vividly-colored or dull,
Whether light or dark,
Whether meant to be..
Or meant to see..
Crimson conduits flowing through
Coated with a rosy joy
Brightening up anyone's day
Rising and falling lines..
Seeming all as a success
No time for meaningless worries..
Imagining you..
wishing I remembered you..
Who were you...
A person or mystery
What were you...
Man or creature
How were you...
Pure or dulled
Struggling to remember..
Just remembering that day..
So silly yet intriguing..
how cards made this be..
Teaching me how to play..
And I..
Clueless of what to do..
Waiting for your leave
After your departure..
Winning the table...
And acting as if it was due to you...
That victory
Complications filling the pool of desire
Wishing for us to never be..
Spirits rising from the dark..
Haunting that crimson..
Remembering that day..
Playing those cards..
Feeling unimportant and uncared for...
Realizing how what happened was fruitless..
Attempting to forget you and those memories..
Sweet and sour memories..
Bitter and spicy memories..
Trying to forget
And move on
Trapped in the pool
Between complications
And my newly discovered..
What I may attempt to call..

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